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Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

Every day, we analyze how much your competitors update their websites. With our detailed statistics, we provide you the insights to beat your competition. Here's why you should track your competitors:


They track you. We've got over 2000 websites on Site Activity Index, tracking each other.


Search Engines ❤️ updates. Update more and outrank your competitors!


Win customers and convert more. Customers prefer frequently updated sites and are more likely to purchase.

Reports built for Nordic e-commerce

Site Activity Index is created for Nordic e-commerce. We've got all your competitors covered, in relevant categories, so that you'll get the insights you need. All our reports include:

  • Competitor Activity - see how you compare to your competitors
  • Your Site Activity - see how well you've been doing
  • Raw data - so you can edit as you like, export to BI etc.
  • Support - got any questions, just ask us
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No payment required • No strings attached

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