Why Site Activity Index?

Updating your website is important - here is why

Site Activity Index is the nr. 1 tool to measure website changes. In this blog post we will present why it is important to your business to update your website frequently. In short, there are 3 main reasons:

  1. Increase growth
  2. Improve conversions
  3. Better search ranking

Increase growth

A study we conducted with the highest- and lowest performing websites shows that the average growth is 3 times higher for high performing websites. This clearly indicates that updating your website frequently is one attribute of fast growing companies.

Improve conversions

When you update your site more often, your chances of getting a conversion increases. This is perfectly examplified by the following thought-experiment.

"A customer visits two e-commerce site Retailer A and Retailer B. Retailer A seldom updates their website. The customer hasn't found anything in Retailer A's assortment that she likes, the landing page always shows the same products so she has given up on returning to find something she likes. Retailer B, on the other hand, often updates their website. The customer hasn't found anything yet, but she has noticed that they change the product on the landing page every day. Therefore, she returns now and then and eventually finds something she likes."

You're therefore more likely to increase conversion if you update your page often.

Better search ranking

Google loves websites that are frequently updated. This is evident considering they launched a Freshness Algorithm in 2017. If you’re covering a topic area and the information you have is out of date, time-sensitive, hasn’t been refreshed or updated in some time, or is simply being surpassed by more engaging, fresh and new competing content, you are likely to fall behind in search ranking.